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Is it time to refinance?

Mortgage Rates Down To Levels Not Seen Since Late May 2013 December 15, 2014 (PR Web) – -California mortgage rates have been trending lower all week and yesterday’s improvements brought them close to a major milestone – mortgage rates are now at levels not seen since late May 2013, right before the full affect of the Fed … Continue reading »

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Pete is a honest, hardworking and dedicated individual. I have been a client of Envision Business Solutions for over 3 years now. In those times Pete and his team have not only been timely, and [...]
Envision Business Solutions' accounting guidance and assistance has been extremely valuable to my law practice. EBS has helped me to manage my payroll and taxes, plan my retirement and investment [...]
Pete Niestroy has been an invaluable asset to my business since I became a client of his. In that time I've gone from being an elementary school teacher with a hobby, to a full time business [...]
When I started my company in 2004, I quickly found that I needed an experienced CPA who understood the complexities that come with operating in multiple locations. I found Pete online, and [...]

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  • What is Asset Management?
    In the investment world, asset management refers to active management of an investor’s portfolio by a financial services company – usually an investment bank.
  • What's Demand Elasticity?
    Demand elasticity is the measure of how demand changes as other factors change. Demand elasticity is often referred to as price elasticity of demand because price is most often the factor used to measure elasticity.
  • Who are Stakeholders?
    “Stakeholder” is used in commerce to describe any party who has an interest in a business or enterprise. Traditionally, stakeholders in a corporation are shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Overdrafting
    An overdraft occurs when money is withdrawn from a bank account in an amount that exceeds the funds available in the account. Banks often permit this as a form of short-term loan to the account holder.
  • What does C-Suite Mean?
    C-Suite is a slang term used to describe the highest level senior executives of a corporation. This is the decision-making, power center of a company. These individuals are usually paid well, but tasked with enormous responsibility to make the company profitable.

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